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No harmful pills, prepackaged nonsense, extreme exercise or dangerous diets – those things usually only offer short-term results leading to frustrating weight return. Our approach offers lasting weight loss and all the health benefits that go along with it.




Sustainable Weight Management

Improved Energy Levels

Sugar Addictions and Cravings

Healthy Relationship with Food

Obesity and Bariactrics Support





High Cholesterol

Coronary Heart Disease

Sleep Apnea


Brought to you by Elizabeth Madison, a Faith-Based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Weight Loss Expert, National Speaker and Author that has programs for everyone.

Four keys for success

  • 1

    Permanent weight loss requires the mind, body and spirit

    Embracing a holistic, comprehensive approach to your wellness goals ensures long-term success

  • 2

    Nutrition optimizes your body

    Accurate and reliable knowledge instead of quackery is key to optimal health 

  • 3

    It better be simple, enjoyable and tasty

    Resources, tools, and meal plans that make the adventure worth it

  • 4

    Weight Loss is a Team Effort

    Why struggle to do it alone? Lifestyle changes are best achieved with the right guidance, support and encouragement — we are here to help you…

It is not about WILL power it is about WE power. We want to help you master your weight and health.



Lead by Dietitians and Nutritionists — qualified health care providers with deep weight loss experience

Individualized Coaching helps you stay the course and supports your journey with game-changing knowledge

Our WLT app keeps you connected every day providing tools and resources that inspire, inform and deliver results

Our natural food approach helps your body to work the way it was designed to giving delivering improved weight loss and improved health


Virtual or On-site Appointments Available


Work with a Registered Dietitian individual or in a group to address weight loss or medical issues. Discover the power of nutrition to change your health chose for the GOOD.

All major insurance accepted.


A Faith-based community that offers comradery, live workshops, daily communication and unlimited access to resources and meal plans to keep you encouraged, inspired and accountable. Let's do it together!

Don’t do weight loss alone.


Work directly with Elizabeth Madison and not only find powerful nutritional support but spiritual support that keeps the weight off FOREVER.

Exculsive coaching with Elizabeth Madison


Click to read the full testimonial!

Changed habits, Changed life

Elizabeth Madison has helped me to achieve my goals for weight loss, better nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle. She advised me to be tested for specific nutrients when I have blood tests and she made me aware of certain habits that I needed to change. Her suggestions have been extremely helpful in my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to lead a healthier life.

The encouragement I needed to succeed

I will recommend Ms. Elizabeth Madison to everyone I meet. She is nonjudgmental and has a welcoming and warm personality. She does not ask the impossible and understands the fluctuations in energy and focus that comes with the weight loss journey. I visited her for help in weight loss and management. I have not realized my goal as yet and I know that she will be in my corner cheering me on.

The key to saying on track: A coach who cares

Elizabeth Madison is a compassionate, patient listener. She seems to have an endless supply of ways to get back on track to reaching for better health. I wasn't looking to lose weight as much as I needed more energy and healthy food choices for myself and my family. I will definitely keep Elizabeth Madison as a part of my primary consultant go to list. Simone-Marie L. Meeks

Hot mess helped with the mind-body-soul approach

When I found Elizabeth I was a hot mess . I had gain 50 pounds from the medicine I had been on for a server back problem, I was spiritually, emotionally and physically drained. Her willingness to listen to my fears and needs help to easy my concerns. I loved that She didn't hand me a pre-made cookie cutter meal plan. She and I crafted a plan based on my physical and emotional abilities at that moment. There where times I felt overwhelmed on my journey but Elizabeth's keen insight and her faith based approach provided the reassurance I needed to take on the task. Weight-management is a muliti layer endeavor and Elizabeth's mind-body-and soul approach has helped me loose 25 pounds. I have a much healthier relationship with food but more importantly with myself. I highly recommend Elizabeth shes a 10 in my book and thank God for placing her in my life.

I overcame my emotional struggles and turned my weight around

The first time walked into Ms. Madison's office, I felt that was the moment where my health and wellness journey would truly begin. After many failed attempts at various weight loss programs and years of going to different dietitians for advice, I finally found someone who is not only very professional, but a kind human being. She truly wants to see every one of her patients succeed NOT at dieting, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She will guide you in creating a food plan that will accommodate to your needs and what you like to eat, without feeling like your deprived of the foods you enjoy. When you walk into her office, it is a judgement free zone. Having been there herself in the struggle to lose weight, her empathy and understanding of the emotional struggles associated with weight loss makes her that much more in tune with her patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to a change!

Physically at my lowest, now living a healthier and happier life

I came to Elizabeth Madison at the lowest point in my health thus far. I was physically sick and mentally void of any plan except I NEED to lose weight and get healthy. Elizabeth took my hand and weekly met with me to give me the tools I needed to move towards health and weight loss. What I needed at the time was to learn how to take care of my nutrition and fuel my body. I am most grateful that she shared her knowledge about portion control, eating regularly,planning, vegetables to fruits needed for daily nutrition, implementing smoothies, plating and getting my body moving. Every session with Elizabeth I would leave me with something to take and use through the weeks . She gave me emotional support from a faith based perspective and provided a safe place where I could be open and honest about myself. I continue to work with Elizabeth Madison and her staff because I feel that they have my best interest at heart and want as much as I do for me to live a healthy and happy life!!

I learned to trust God with my journey out of pre-diabetes

In 2016 I was told by my doctor that I was pre-diabetic, A1C level 5.9. I started with you and you counselled me on my food intake. I prayerfully followed your instructions and as a result I discovered after getting my blood work back August 2017 that I am out of the pre-diabetic range. My level is 5.6 (normal). I will always remember you telling me that I could reverse the pre-diabetic range. Thanks so much for all your prayers, patience, knowledge, encouragement, Thanks for putting Christ first. The scripture says, If we acknowledge Christ in all our ways, that he would direct our path. (paraphrased)I am looking forward to continue working with you. I do acknowledge Christ in my ways and I am glad he directed me to come to you in regards to my health. So to you, continue being lead by the Lord. We get positive result when we do. I will recommend your services to family, friends and anyone needing positive results.

My life was transformed — emotional eating is no longer the way

I had no idea that when I walked in Elizabeth Madison's office on February 5, 2016 my life would begin it's transformation. My idea, get a food plan, follow it and hopefully this time it would work. But God had another plan. His plan was to free me from what causes the unhealthy lifestyle of Emotional Eating. When I came to Elizabeth I was is in a dark place from not dealing with the hurt, and the losses in my life. But through my sessions I'm learning how to deal with my emotions by journaling, using my relationship with God by praying, reading and meditating on God's word, stopping and evaluating why I want to eat, if I'm not hungry, and once I figure out the why then decide what productive thing I can do instead. As a result of using these tools, my mind is being transformed to deal with life's issues instead of covering them up by emotionally eating them away. My sessions with Elizabeth are opening the doors to who God says I am, I'm learning to take care of me, I'm learning to experience life, the good and the not so good. Elizabeth Madison is an amazing woman with a heart that loves what she does and cares for and wants the very best for everyone of her clients, which is to live a lifestyle of good health and happiness. Thanks to the heart, passion and commitment to her work, in April 2018 I will marry the love of my life. Elizabeth Madison there are no word's to convey my thoughts about you for what you have helped me accomplish so I say thank you a million times. I would say to the whomever near or far if you want freedom from what holds you from living, as I often say, Elizabeth Madison you rock! Contact her it's life changing. On a scale of 1-10 on her listening and counseling skills, 10. If your faith based approach were included in your services it would be an excellent addition to all your other approaches to a healthy lifestyle.

I wanted to loss weight and I got it PLUS I gained great health. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Mariana, I met Elizabeth at a workshop over two years ago and I found her to be so enthusiastic about her own weight loss that I felt hope. I have had such a struggle with weight that I didn't think anything could help.. She is of course is knowledgeable and provides helpful resources. However beyond that she listens, picks up on my emotional eating habits.and offers tools that I can use so that I don't eat my emotions. Since I began with Elizabeth I have lost about 50 pounds and I have kept 35 pounds off. That for me is huge because over the years I have tried many weight loss programs and lost 50 pounds. Unfortunately, I not only found the 50 I lost but gained an additional 10 to 15 pounds. I not only lost money but I lost faith. Elizabeth had enough faith for the both us when mine was weak. I have recommended others to Elizabeth because she knows my weight loss struggles from personal experience and uses that experience to help so many..

It made sense, was made easy to follow and it works!

I have always eaten healthy,but not the right foods for my health problems.My doctor advised aprofessional to guide me .I have Hypertension and ulcers.I was not eating breakfast and ate late at night.After visiting Madison...she helped me plan my meals and gave me times when I should eat my meals.I was in physical therapy for back and knees.I now feel comfortable with gentle exercise and walking..I felt very comfortable with her..All of her suggestion was easy to follow.We worked on meal plans that were easy for me.They made sense.I willwork with her again.I have recommended her to others.I love her inspirational quotes. Very uplifting..

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Effective weight loss and weight management solutions

Nutrition intervention for pre-diabetes, diabetes, high choloesteral, heart disease and many other conditions

Keys to address cravings and emotional eating

Meal planning, recipes, grocery tips

Ongoing individualized coaching to help you reach your goals and beyond

Resources available on your phone or desktop!

All major insurance accepted.

Wanting to lose weight, here are some warnings

See how my approach can make a difference for you!



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