You’ve probably noticed that alkaline water has received a lot of hype lately. Purported benefits include weight loss, cancer resistance, increased energy and hydration, improved immune system functioning, and improved skin health. Can something as simple as drinking alkaline water really offer all these health benefits? Read on to find out if alkaline water is a miracle cure or clever marketing.

What is alkaline water?

Plain tap water has a pH of about 7. Alkaline water typically has a pH between 8 and 10. Conversely, an acidic substance has a pH below 7. For reference, lemon juice and vinegar both have a pH of about 2. Water from springs can be naturally alkaline as a result of dissolved minerals from surrounding rocks. Water can also be made alkaline with an ionizing machine.

Is alkaline water actually better than plain water?

Should you ditch regular tap water for water with a higher pH? Relatively few studies have been conducted on the effects of alkaline water so there is currently not enough evidence to support recommending it to the average person. It may even be a complete waste of your hard-earned money since the extreme acidity of your stomach would quickly neutralize alkaline water before it is absorbed into your bloodstream.

What should I drink then?

If you like the taste of natural spring water and it helps you to meet your daily water requirements, then go for it! It is typically only mildly alkaline. Aside from keeping you hydrated and serving as part of an overall healthy diet, it is unlikely to have miraculous effects on your health. As for expensive ionizing systems and the like, I would recommend a healthy dose of skepticism. You are likely to obtain the same benefits from tap water for a fraction of the price.

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