We have offerings for everyone! All of our programs are lead by Registered Dietitians, which means you will get the BEST science-based solutions that take into account nutrition, body physicology, habits and behaviors and your relationship with foods. 


All major insurance accepted.


Don’t do weight loss alone.


Exculsive coaching with Elizabeth Madison

Discover which program will work for you to reach your goals!


  • Coaching sessions lead by Registered Dietitians
  • Body, Mind, and Spirit Approach
  • Meal plans
  • Tools, resources and more

We have many ways to help you reach your health goals. Contact us today to find out what is right for you!



The WLT Warrior Program is a unique approach to conquering your weight forever.

This faith-based program incorporates a Spirit, Mind & Body Approach to tackling your weight challenges, once and for all.

A copy of my book

I'll ship you your free copy of my book at the end of your first month your Warrior membership

Up to a $20 value

WLT Warrior Boot Camp

The 14-Day WLT Warrior Boot Camp will immerse you into the WLT Warrior Club and the 7 Spiritual Principles.

It will jump start your weight loss, spiritual fitness, and wellness journey. Upon completion, you'll graduate to a full-fledged WLT Warrior with a firm foundation of the program. 

$150 Value

Meal Plans

Access weekly meal plans in your inbox for recipes that will delight your taste buds and get you the body you desire

$50 Value

Virtual Groups

You are not alone! We come together virtually twice a month (all you need is a mobile device) to:

  • praise God for any and all progress
  • learn and reinforce healthy eating and lifestyle habits
  • build spiritual fitness through bible study and prayer
  • support and hold each other accountable

And don't worry if you can't make the group! All the sessions are recorded and posted on the app, and sent via email. 

$80 Value

Daily Encouragment

Life is filled with twists and turns. I'll provide you Daily MAX PowerUPs  - Your Spiritual Vitamins - through the app that are designed to feed and encourage your spirit and focus your mind!

$30 Value

Private Group Chat Rooms

Join other Warriors that are on the same journey. Share your progress, or struggles and get the support you need.
This virtual environment is only on the app. It's safe and secure so you can feel comfortable sharing! 

$50 Value

Weekly Reflect and Refresh Messages

The weekly Reflect & Refresh messages reinforce the 7 Spiritual Principles with videos and journal-writing exercises. They'll increase your spiritual fitness and improve your emotional well-being by keeping your eyes on God with steps of faith throughout the week.

$75 Value

Warrior Toolbelt

The exclusive WLT Warrior section in the app gives you access to powerful resources to address issues like:

  • emotional eating
  • stress management, and
  • weight loss-related scriptures to reinforce your daily wellness walk

$65 Value

Plus you get access to discounts for: 

1-1 Coaching

Need more hands-on support for emotional eating, or managing medical conditions like diabetes/pre-diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol?

You can work with Elizabeth and her team of nutritionists to get the customized support you need for your wellness journey.
Insurance accepted for some services. Affordable payment options available for private pay. 

We Keep It Interesting!

WLT Wellness Challenges

We like to keep things fun and interesting. Feel free to join the challenges that will keep you motivated!

And We're Here to Help!

Q&A Help Desk

Need help with the program? You can email the Help Desk for support!

All for less than $1 / day


The Faith-Based Warrior Program is
valued at over
$500 per month! 


You get it all for only a $24.95 monthly investment,

plus a FREE 7-day Trial!!


OR download the FREE app and sign up through the app!



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    Daily encouragement

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    Meal plans

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    Upcoming event

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    Weight loss resources

VIP Coaching packages

Interested in working exclusively with Elizabeth who will personally come alone side you in your weight loss journey by guiding you, praying with you and teaching you the beautiful spiritual principles of weight loss transformation. Then check out our VIP Coaching Package with Elizabeth Madison RD.

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Not sure what to do? Wondering if insurance covers it? Call us now and get your questions answered!


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