You have done all the right things to lose weight ― exercise, plan your meals to be balanced, and get enough sleep. You are living an overall healthy lifestyle! It’s working too, as you’ve gradually lost weight and are feeling great! Despite all this, your weight loss starts to slow down and then, it stalls completely. You’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau, which happens to just about everyone who loses weight.

Why does this happen?

Weight loss tends to be most rapid when you are first starting out. When you eat fewer calories, your body initially relies on glycogen, an energy source in your muscles and liver. Glycogen contains a lot of water, so much of your early weight loss is water. Once your glycogen stores are used up, you start to burn fat for energy, which does not contain nearly as much water as glycogen and also contains more than twice the calories of glycogen. Plus, your glycogen stores are eventually replenished, so you get back that water weight. You also burn some muscle in weight loss, which slows down your metabolism. This means you’re burning fewer calories than you did when you weighed more. So without reducing or burning even more calories, your weight loss stops. You’re in weight maintenance mode unless you make a change.

How do I get past a weight loss plateau?

Weight loss plateaus are frustrating, and getting past them is tricky. You’ve reached a crossroads where you must decide whether to stop at your current weight loss and try to maintain it, or to try and lose more weight. Your current diet and exercise plan got you this far, but you will need a modified plan to overcome the inevitable weight loss plateau. You will likely want to increase the intensity on your exercise plan (make sure you’re including weight bearing activity to increase that metabolism-boosting muscle) and make sure your eating plan isn’t sneaking in calories you haven’t accounted for.

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